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  • Pilot Users: When you login now you will go into the new interface automatically.


We have had an issue with the upgrading of one of the infoZone 2.0 modules which has compromised the stability of the system. We are working to bring the system back online as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you.


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What is infoZone 2.0?
infoZone 2.0 is the secure content management system for National Facilities Services. You can find most NFS documents within infoZone 2.0. A login and password are required.
How Do I get access to infoZone 2.0?
Select the link "Request Forms" in the left menu of this page, or go to http://request.kpnfs.com/izrequest.htm
How do I find what I am looking for?
There are several ways to locate information within infoZone 2.0. If you already know exactly what you are looking for you can enter the text in the search bar at the top of each page. You can also use the links on the infoZone 2.0 homepage to browse to specific information. You can combine both approaches by using the links on the homepage to get to a folder then issue a text search from that folder. This last method will narrow the search results you receive to only include documents from the folder you are in.
How do I print?
When you have the document open, use the browser commands to print.
How do I download?
To download a document, left click on the down arrow to the right of the document name and select Download. This will save the document to your local computer. The Copy option will not download to your desktop; it will copy to another location in infoZone 2.0 that cannot be accessed at this time.
What I do if I forget my password?
Use the link in the left navigation on this page that says "Forgotten Your Password", a new one will be generated for you and sent by e-mail.
What is view Drawings and Templates?

We have a built in CAD viewer called Brava. Brava needs to be used when viewing all Room Templates and CAFM drawings (.dwg files). Brava offers many features, you can zoom in to a specific area on a drawing, print to scale, etc. For help using these features click on help in the menu in Brava after selecting "Open in Brava" from the function menu (down arrow) next to a drawing or template file.


If you are a KP employee, you MUST have the Brava Client pushed to your computer. Please contact the National Help Desk, or your Local IT, to have the Brava Client installed.

Can I get to PTA/Cost Model via infoZone 2.0?
No, you cannot access PTA/Cost Model through infoZone 2.0. There are documents available in infoZone 2.0 relating to PTA and Cost Model. You still need to access PTA and Cost Model from the NFS intranet web site.